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I make vegan food for my family. I knit and crochet. I raise houseplants. I have a job and stuff, too, but we won't talk about that here.
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Dragonfly Wings by Boo Knits (free pattern on Ravelry)

Dragonfly Wings by Boo Knits (free pattern on Ravelry)


British Medical Journal asserts that US capitalism kills nearly 1 million Americans every year.

"High Inequality Results in More US Deaths than Tobacco, Car Crashes and Guns Combined" | Bill Moyers

In 2009, the British Medical Journal (BMJ) published a study that revealed what seems to be a shocking truth: those who live in societies with a higher level of income inequality are at a greater risk for premature death.

Here in the United States, our high level of income inequality corresponds with 883, 914 unnecessary deaths each year. More specifically, the report concluded that if we had an income distribution more like that of the Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland — or eleven other wealthy countries — every year, about one in three deaths in the US could be avoided.

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Knit Inspiration: Free Shawl Knitting Cheat Sheet – Laylock Knitwear Design

This 1-page cheat sheet provides the shaping formulas, and row-by-row instructions for knitting 5 such shawls: square, circular, triangular, semi-circular, and heart-shaped. All you need is some yarn, a pair of needles, and some stitch markers. If you’re stuck on a desert island, you can improvise with plant filaments, some smooth sticks (sharpened to a point), and a few seashells with holes in them. You’ll need the instructions though, so click here & print them out now, and tuck them away safely in your pocket! 

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A new religious statue in the town of Davidson, N.C., is unlike anything you might see in church.

The statue depicts Jesus as a vagrant sleeping on a park bench. St. Alban’s Episcopal Church installed the homeless Jesus statue on its property in the middle of an upscale neighborhood filled with well-kept townhomes.

Jesus is huddled under a blanket with his face and hands obscured; only the crucifixion wounds on his uncovered feet give him away.

The reaction was immediate. Some loved it; some didn’t.

"One woman from the neighborhood actually called police the first time she drove by," says David Boraks, editor of "She thought it was an actual homeless person."

That’s right. Somebody called the cops on Jesus.

And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Since you have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me.

This is my new very favorite thing.


Now blocking: skyblue alpaca shawl. With thanks to lazy-vegetarian and tousledbean for recommending the pattern.

Pattern: Annis, by Susanna IC.

Drop It Like It’s Hot cowl by Steven Be (free on Ravelry until 4/13)

Drop It Like It’s Hot cowl by Steven Be (free on Ravelry until 4/13)

  • Wife: Did you buy this yarn for something?
  • Me: Yes.
  • Me: I don't know what though.
  • Wife: That's literally what I just asked you!
Watson by Amy Miller (pattern on Ravelry)

Watson by Amy Miller (pattern on Ravelry)